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PODCAST: Unruly Episode

Season 1 – Episode 14 

Canada confirms it has performed its first ever face transplant—no not the country—doctors did this to a person, not the country, that would be ridiculous.

Doug Ford is pondering using the NOTWITHSTANDING CLAUSE to effectively overturn a Superior Court decision which says he can’t unilaterally change the number of wards in the City of Toronto, Zach Braff weighs in on the Paul McCartney masturbation story, Winnipeg has run out of mosquitos, and Nike is kicking ass.

Canada’s First Face Transplant
Doug Ford, Bill 5, and the Notwithstanding Clause
Hurricane Florence
Book: Stormy Weather, by Carl Hiassen
Paul McCartney in GQ
Zach Braff on Twitter
Movie: Downsizing
Nike Commercial

Theme song by Emre Cords

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