Dropbear and Panda had high hopes to shoot their first episode over the MAY LONG weekend in Calgary; but a weather advisory (in typical southern Alberta fashion) prevented their cinematographer from leaving Cochrane. So they shot this on their iPhone instead.

Dropbear Notes

Originally this was the weekend we were going to shoot “The Terroring” but due to inclement weather our crack camera squad couldn’t get into the city.

So as a test run of “Dropbear’s Kitchen” I taught Panda how to make my famous BBQ sauce before she went for a dip in the pool and I hunkered around the Weber and cooked meat.

Calgary weather. Gah!

Panda Notes

It was my idea to get into the pool.

My legs went numb. I was hyperventilating.

That was the dumbest idea I think I’ve ever had.

Behind the Scenes with Dropbear & Panda