Recently drummed out of CSIS we discover Dropbear and Panda in a desperate situation. How did it happen? What went wrong during this ordinary, average day? How can you prevent a terroring like this one from happening to you?

Dropbear Notes

What could possibly go wrong?

When Panda suggested we open with a scene similar to Tim Roth’s death a la Reservoir Dogs how could I say no?! It is cinematic genius.

Kensington will never be the same.

Panda Notes

OH MAN did I ever get wasted at Dicken’s Pub.

I had to down those beers like a mofo. And as you can see, I chugged those delicious golden bastards. I mean, you have to keep continuity, you know? You can’t have one film shot where there’s a full pint of beer and the next shot there’s no beer or a shot where the beer glass is full. It’s very important, you know. And you can’t waste alcohol. I am a stickler for continuity, you know.

I haven’t drank that much in that short amount of time since that time at University. Well, it was at the Night Gallery… Oh man that was fun. Or I remember it being fun. Actually…. I don’t really remember much… I heard it was fun, though! Who else remembers the Night Gallery? Or does anyone really remember anything at the Night Gallery?

Gawd, I’m old. And thirsty.

Newton Notes

a haiku:

I am a TIGER
rub my belly plZ

Behind the Scenes with Dropbear & Panda