“Lonely Mind” is a song off the Hi-Strung Downers second album “Can’t Feel Good All the Time”, and this is the pitch video for The 2017 Telus Storyhive Music Video Edition. You can vote for it from April 24th to May 1, 2017.

VOTE HERE: http://www.storyhive.com/project/show/id/2074

The music video we want to create will capture one crazy night in the life of the Hi-Strung Downers—the band is on stage at one of their shows, as well as playing various characters and alter-egos in the crowd.

It’s a tongue-in-cheek, cheeky, look at this hard-working Albertan rock and roll band. The band is made up of four regular guys, who once they put on their suits and ties absolutely demolish the stage. Think the Ramones, playing on Johnny Cash’s equipment, dressed like the Rat Pack.

Dropbear Notes

“Imagine the Ramones playing on Johnny Cash’s equipment, dressed like the Rat Pack.”

That perfectly sums up these guys! One of the hardest working bands to come out of Alberta we were really excited to get together with them and L&C Style to create not only the pitch, but the stories for the video.

On set the guys were all business and making sure we got the right shots — they had a LOT of faith in us to put this pitch video together. It was their belief and hardwork that enabled us to shoot quickly and get an amazing looking product at the end. Me and Panda are STOKED to get to shoot their full video which captures their incredible on-stage performance and the crazy fun their fans have at their shows!

HUGE thanks to Luis at L&C who did all the heavy lifting during shooting and editing—a total pro!

Panda Notes

Holy Sh*tballs are these guys ever professionals. Sadly I couldn’t stay for the entire video pitch shoot as I had my own show to get to, but man, they were gracious, excited, did what was asked of them and gave some great suggestions too.

The idea of them being ‘everyman’, playing themselves and all the characters in this music video is going to be one hell of a ride. It’s going to be an incredible challenge and I am really, really looking forward to it. I haven’t heard all their crazy stories about what’s happened out on the road, but I’ve heard one or two and they’re pretty crazy. A good Albertan Band telling stories about what’s happened on the road in Alberta and using themselves to tell these stories… and possibly running into… themselves? Maybe a bar fight with…. themselves? WHO WOULDN’T WANT A CHALLENGE LIKE THAT?? This is going to be loads of fun for us and the viewer for sure. Easter Eggs everywhere.

PLUS the band is willing to do house concerts too and perhaps a BBQ. Seriously, these guys are top-knotch. Maybe I’ll get them to build me a new garage too…..

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Behind the Scenes with Dropbear & Panda at L&C Style Productions