“”Don’t Look Back” was written to bring awareness to the epidemic of domestic violence in Canada. It is the hope of Emre and Ronnie this song will inspire people to change their situation.

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Proceeds from the sale of this song and video (iTunes, etc.) will be donated to local women’s shelters.

Please vote for “Don’t Look Back” at www.Storyhive.com. Voting takes place APRIL 24th – MAY 1, 2017. Make your voice heard.

Dropbear Notes

Not our usual chaos and debauchery. We connected with Emre Cords and Ronnie S. Champagne to help bring awareness to Domestic Violence through the Telus Storyhive Music Video Edition.

Emre and Ronnie co-produced this single “Don’t Look Back” as a way to open the conversation about Domestic Violence and Abuse in Canada. Proceeds from the sale of this song (link forthcoming when it is complete) will be donated to a local Women’s Shelter. We couldn’t be more proud of these guys!

Please share and vote during the Storyhive voting period. 

Panda Notes

I think everyone knows somebody who has been affected by violence; domestic or otherwise. It affects males and females and people of all ages. Emre Cords and Ronnie Champagne want to use Storyhive as a way to shed light on this horrible epidemic. I consider myself extremely lucky to be a huge part of this.

Both of these musicians have an extensive and impressive resume and it’s humbling that they’re using their talent towards something so meaningful. They have stressed over and over that all they want to do is start a conversation about domestic violence and tell those suffering that they are not alone and they are understood… and to tell them that they’re strong and can get out.

Any and all proceeds will go towards a shelter. Please help and vote every day for a really good cause and for some really good guys.

Vote for DON’T LOOK BACK by
Emre Cords & Ronnie S. Champagne
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April 24 to May 1, 2017

Behind the Scenes with Dropbear & Panda at Ghost Iron Studio and Downtown Calgary