Calum Lykan is as big as a bear, and entertaining as a kilt full of badgers.

Please join us in welcoming him to Canada and the release of his first storytelling CD, “Scottish Bedtime Stories”, produced by Dropbear and Panda. Scottish Bedtime Stories is an intimate, funny, gory, grisly, hilarious, scary, fanciful, engaging and oftimes heroic, late night show and is peppered with wee lessons like, “DON’T EAT YER KIN!”l

Come out for this one-night-only chance to experience some of Calum’s favourite stories, and choice selections from the audience.

Loud, brash and crashing through Edinburgh as a Storyteller for years, we are excited to welcome Calum Lykan to Calgary for a night of Scottish Bedtime Stories.


WHEN: June 30th, 2017 1030PM
WHERE: Loose Moose Theatre | 1235 26th Avenue SE, Calgary, Alberta
TICKETS: $20 per ticket, OR $35 for a ticket and a signed CD

Calum is a passionate and energetic Storyteller who has travelled extensively telling stories, meeting new tellers and learning new tales on his journeys. He loves entertaining and takes every opportunity to connect his audiences to the wonderful worlds of myth, legend, folklore, fables, and historical stories from Scotland and Far Away Lands.