Dropbear and Panda Productionz music video for The Hi-Strung Downers song, Lonely Mind is out in the wild!


It seems like a lifetime ago we were pitching our friends, family and Telus about an idea for a music video—over the course of that lifetime we did a pitch, gathered a team, did a thing and now it is out in the world.


And we gotta tell ya, ten THOUSAND dollars goes by REALLY, REALLY fast—thank you Telus Storyhive for the cake!

When we first talked to the Hi-Strung Downers about doing a music video we pitched several ideas—their favourite was “what if we did a show where you guys played characters you’ve seen in your shows—you guys are on stage playing the song, and you’re in the audience playing out these weird stories?” Where did this take place? The Ironwood Stage & Grill of course (Thanks Patrick and team!).

From there it became, “One Crazy Night in the Life of the Hi-Strung Downers”—each vignette in this video is based on true stories from the road.

The crux of this story revolves around the hero’s journey of the waitress. Her mission? Deliver four shots to the band. A seemingly easy task, simple really, except when the Hi-Strung Downers are playing.

We can’t say enough great things about this band and their fans. Everyone took direction like a champ, didn’t complain, and instead took their characters to another level. When we put the call out for extras in the video to show up at 530AM on a Saturday, “dressed to kill and ready to dance”, they didn’t disappoint. So many fans responded we had to put a cap on it. All told we had 63 people on set, shot the interior of the video in less than six hours (with a lunch break), staged 80+ setups, broke 10 shot glasses, destroyed 22 roses, and ran out of napkins to dry Panda’s bosom.

Earl Garnet: Earl, Nerdy Guy
Greg Callsen: Greg, Douche Bag
Joe Love: Joe, Disinterested Husband
Terry Starchuk: Terry, Rockin’ Stage Diver

Jenn MacLean (Panda): Co-Writer, Co-Producer, “Bouncer”, “Waitress”
Michael Dean Dargie (Dropbear): Co-Writer, Co-Producer, Director, “Bartender”, “Busker” (Lost Scene)

Jennifer Lynn Bain: Frustrated Wife
Anyssa McKee: Nerdy Date
Jen Znack: Douche Baguette 01
Stephanie Katenilkoff: Douch Baguette 02
Kirsten Garcia: Douch Baguette 03

Tyler Pinkerton: Earl Stunt Double
Jameson Stickland: Greg Stunt Double
Matthew Volk: Joe Stunt Double
Jeremy Schtelzer: Terry Stunt Double

Hi-Strung Downers fans: The Dancing masses