Season 1 – Episode 8 

Our mission? To save the world by sitting down every week and chatting about the crazy shit that goes on in this weird and wonderful world blue marble in the cosmos and this week is no different.

We talk about local construction, Nasa’s solar probe, Elon Musk’s space car, SpaceForce, skydiving with Tom Cruise and James Corden, France’s answer to assholes, jumping off cliffs on Vancouver Island, not swimming with sharks, recent gun violence in Canada, bikers in the rain, and hail storms in Alberta. Damn, we cover it all topically with not a lot of substance, but a healthy dose of humour.

Lux Windows
Nasa and the Parker Solar Probe
Dropbear and Panda on YouTube w/ Subscribe
James Corden and Tom Cruise
France’s Ban on Sexual Harrassment
Book: Doogie Horner’s A Die Hard Christmas
Alloy Homes
Book: “On Killing”

Theme song by Emre Cords
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