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PODCAST: Unbelievable Episode

Season 1 – Episode 15 

When in charge of saving the world you need to take it seriously. This week we talk about getting sick, Toronto getting bullied, lobsters getting stoned, Douglas Adams, and politicians who look like Vogons.

We’re not news reporters—more like news commentators—and this week we take umbrage with the “MEDIA” in general. Except of course that cool reporter who talked with our foreign correspondent, Badger, in Russia.

Doug Ford’s Revenge
What the heck is a Vogon?
Typhoon Mangkhut in the Philippines
Get Your Flu Shot
IS IT NEWS? Getting Lobsters High
A Badger in Russia (0:37 Seconds it Starts)

Scott Picket: A Deaf Badger in Russia
Theme song by Emre Cords

About the Author:

Michael "Dropbear" Dargie is a creative juggernaut and award-winning film producer. He is a writer, director, actor, improviser, musician, emcee and host. He's also a blackbelt in two styles of Japanese Jujitsu, an expert motorcycle rider, kart racer, scuba diver and thinks of himself somewhat like Archer—really good at somethings, and unknowingly terrible at others. He's a Leo and likes books.

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