SEASON 1 – Episode 23 / GET IT HERE (or wherever fine podcasts are served)

What a week! Panda is struggling with the video game Human: Fall Flat and is about ready to throw her controller across the room. Dropbear has had it with the US Sales Invasion known as Black Friday.

Then there was that nitwit trying to convert a remote tribe to Christianity, and Ivanka Trump has her very own email scandal. Yoiks.

But it’s not all bad — we’re working with Seniors Secret Service to bring holiday cheer to seniors in Calgary and so much more good stuff.

Where Does ‘Black Friday’ Originate?
Black Friday Stats and Stuff
Black Friday Death Count
Red Thursday at Canadian Tire
US Missionary Killed by Tribe
Neebs Gaming
Human Fall Flat
Trump Hypocrisy: But her emails
Your Cocaine is Meth
Face Transplants (graphic image warning)
U-Turns in Alberta
Seniors Secret Service
Chrismoose Carol
Calgary Police Service
Wounded Warrior
One Broken Biker
Legal Weed on the Rise
Face Transplants (graphic image warning)

Theme song by Emre Cords