POD E0026: All that and a bag of chips episode

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POD E0026: All that and a bag of chips episode

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It’s the first episode of 2019 and we’re off to a crazy start! Starting with an announcement that Dropbear and Panda Save the World Podcast has seven nominations in the Canadian Podcast Awards! thank you very much for the nods, we couldn’t be more excited!

Also in this episode there’s talk of how Cards Against Humanity are doing their part to prevent “The Wall”; then there’s a This Day in History look at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame; China’s Moon Unit, Robots, Ok Google, Cheat Day, and more!

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Canadian Podcasting Awards
Cards Against Humanity: Thwarting the Wall
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
China’s Moon Unit (video)
Drones at Gatwick
PODCAST: The RebelRebel Podcast
PODCAST: The Bothy Storytelling Podcast
PODCAST: A Story Not Forgotten
PODCAST: Soundtrack to a Life
SHORT FILM: You’d Better Watch Out
Breakfast with the Pandas
Apple Jacks
Shakespeare in Love
Tree Tossers
Filmic Pro and Zhiyun Gimbal

Theme song by Emre Cords

About the Author:

Jennifer "Panda" MacLean recently won a “Best Guilty Pleasure” Award at the New York City International Film Festival during October's Fright Fest, and a Best Supporting Actress Award for a 17 minute monologue in “All the King’s Women” for Workshop Theatre. She also received a Best Actress nomination by Canadian Playwright Sharon Pollock at the Calgary One Act Play Festival. She has performed the Vagina Monologues twice but her parents only came the first time (wait… that was a poor choice of words.) She knew she made it "big" when a door girl and bouncer said to her, "HEY you're that chick in that thing! You were fantastic!" but still had to pay to get into the bar anyways. She likes robots. And turtles. And killer mutant robot turtles. And Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger II Tanks. And killer mutant robot turtles driving Panzerkampfwagen VI TIger II Tanks. And fluffy bunnies.

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