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Dropbear and Panda are back with special guests “OK GOOGLE” and “HEY SIRI” to tackle hard-hitting questions like “is there such thing as aliens?” The jury is still out on whether GoogleBear™ is evil, helpful, or somewhere in between but she seems to know more than she’s letting on.

In this episode we talk about the Shrink Age, Presidential Addresses, Prime Ministers, Ghostbusting with Bill Murray, mysterious signals from outer space, eating breakfast with pandas, penguins, bets, and the science of Cheat Day!

Sesame Snaps
US Government Shutdown
OK Google
Signals from Space
Canna Cabana
Breakfast with Pandas
Vega Shakes
Maximum Overdrive (Trailer with Stephen King intro)
Odd Thomas (Trailer with Anton Yelchin)

Special thanks to Emre Cords for the great music!