It’s not everyday you get to see a feature-length movie in eight minutes and thirty seconds—so count today as your lucky day. We’ve been fielding requests from around the world to show Panda watching a shark movie. People have offered significant sums of money to see it happen. Today we honour your requests—the only thing Panda asks for in return is ‘subscribe’ on our YouTube Channel and Podcast.

Here’s the story: As many of you know, Panda has sharkphobia so her good friend Badger (Scott Pickett if you want to send letters) rented “The Meg” from the Calgary Public Library. Naturally, Dropbear setup a camera.

What you’re about to see is both terrifying and awe-inspiring: Raw footage of Panda watching THE MEG for the first time. This is the full movie edited down to just her jump-scares — eight minutes and thrifty seconds of sheer terror and Panda-isms. Panda, no doubt, will never be the same. Stay until the very end.