Nailed it for Easter

We’re turning 40 on Easter weekend AND released our latest film short??!? Goodness we’ve been busy! So busy we could only manage a 30 minute mini-episode this week.

The blue wave has replaced the Orange across Alberta again, the Avalanche crushed the Flames, our Easter film short might be slightly offensive BUT everything is gonna be ok because we found a real life, musician named Rob and he’s writing us Sock jingles and they are absolutely outstanding. We think we might keep him.

Maclean’s Election Article
Rob Mitchelson: Kickass Musician
Flames Come Up Short
Trudeau Stalls Pipeline
Quebec Doesn’t Want Pipeline
StigMax™ Comercial Parody

Our sponsors The Friday Sock Company and Make More Creative;
Emre Cords for our amazing theme music;
Doug de Nance for the dope voice-over;
Rob Mitchelson for the epic jingle.