YYC Podcasting Family (order received)

This is a running list of all the members of the YYC Podcast Family Group—eventually we’ll do these in alphabetical order. If you would like to be added to this sooper-secret list, or have your listing amended, please send an email to m@michaeldargie.com.

More Family Coming Soon:  The Alberta Filmmakers Podcast, Two Bad Neighbours, Dirty Bit Podcast, Man Transcending, Repodcasting, Alan J, and more to come

Upcoming Events

The 1st Ever YYC Pod People Meetup

WHEN: Saturday, April 6, 2019 – 7PM

WHERE: West Hillhurst Community Centre
Public House “The Barn” / Private Room?

RSVP: Please send a quick note to let us know you’re coming to m@michaeldargie.com

Dropbear and Panda Save the World Podcast of Destiny

Dropbear and Panda Save the World (podcast of destiny)
Website: www.DropbearAndPanda.tv
Hosted By: Michael Dargie and Jennifer MacLean
PodHost: www.DBPSaveTheWorld.com
Facebook: www.Facebook.com/DropbearAndPanda/
Twitter: @dropbearNpanda
Instagram: @dropbearandpanda
Find it on: iTunesSpotifyGooglePlay MusicStitcher

GENRES: Comedy, Society & Culture, News
PUBLISHES: Weekly on Sunday’s
SYNOPSIS: Dropbear and Panda are a pair of Canadians filmmakers, playwrights, and adventurers. ‘Dropbear and Panda Save the World’ Podcast is their attempt to make sense of the world around them and hopefully, one day, actually save it. #notreporters

The RebelREbel Podcast

The RebelRebel Podcast
Website: www.TheRebelRebelPodcast.com
Hosted By: Michael Dargie
PodHost: www.RebelRebelPod.com
Facebook: www.Facebook.com/RebelRebelPodcast/
Twitter: @RebelRebelPod
Instagram: @RebelRebelPod
Find it on: iTunesSpotifyGooglePlay MusicStitcher

GENRES: Business, Creative, Entrepreneur
PUBLISHES: Monday, and soon Thursday
SYNOPSIS: RebelRebel is a weekly podcast that invites creative rebels and entrepreneurs to Kensington Studio to talk about why the hell they do what they do, how they do it, what’s next, and offer advice to other ‘rebels in waiting’.

Flicks Xrayed Podcast

Website: www.FlicksXrayed.com
Hosted By: Tony, Jeff, Natasha, Bryan, Corey, Devo
Facebook: www.facebook.com/FlickXRayed/
Twitter @FlicksXRayed
Instagram @flicksxrayed
Find it on: iTunes


Invasion of the Remake Podcast

Invasion of the Remake
Website: invasionoftheremake.libsyn.com
LinkTree: linktr.ee/invasionoftheremake
Hosted By: Jason Bisschop, Sam Stepanenko, & Trish Cochlan
Facebook: www.FaceBook.com/InvasionOfTheRemake/
Twitter: @InvasionRemake
Instagram: @InvasionOfTheRemake
Find it on: iTunes

GENRES: Film, Comedy
PUBLISHES: Every Tuesday
SYNOPSIS: They’re in your theatres, your neighbours homes, or even your own! Invasion of the Remake is a weekly film podcast where we discuss existing remakes one week and do our own fantasy remake the alternate week.

Cinematics Podcast

Hosted By: Ryan Drescher and Pauly
Twitter: @cinematicscast
Instagram: @cinematicspodcast
Find it on: Google PodcastsAnchorStitcherCastboxRadioPublicSpotify


Movie Epidemic Podcast

Movie Epidemic Podcast
Website: movieepidemic.podbean.com
Hosted By: Buck “Hollywood” Leduke & Charlie “Chadley” Fox
Twitter: @MovieEpidemic
Instagram: @MovieEpidemic


The 4th Line Podcast

4th Line Podcast
Website: the4thlinepodcast.com
Hosted By: Carl Landra & Nick Seguin
Facebook: www.Facebook.com/the4thlinepodcast/
Twitter: @4thLinePodcast
Instagram: @4thLinePodcast
Find it on: iTunesSpotifyGoogle


The Ruckus Sessions Podcast

Ruckus Sessions Podcast
Website: www.BeardedRuckus.com
Hosted By: Kody & Jesse
Instagram: @RuckusSessionsPodcast
Find it on: iTunesGoogleiHeart Radio


The Tight Ends Podcast

The Tight Ends Podcast
Website: www.TightEndsPodcast.com
Hosted By: Vanda Favaro
Facebook: www.Facebook.com/thetightends/
Twitter: @thetightends
Instagram: @thetightends
Find it on: Apple Podcasts


Grimerica Podcast

Grimerica Podcast
Website: www.Grimerica.ca
Hosted By: Darren Grimes & Graham Dunlop
PodHost: grimerica.libsyn.com
Facebook: www.Facebook.com/grimericashow/
Twitter: @grimerica
Instagram: @grimerica
Find it on: iTunesSpotifyiHeartRadioStitcherGooglePlay

GENRES: Society & Culture, Philosophy
PUBLISHES: Friday Nights
SYNOPSIS: A loose cannon podcast featuring casual conversations with whomever we deem interesting, often on the fringe. A value for Value Podcast. Come as You Are.

The Nerd Room Podcast

The Nerd Room
Website: www.TheNerdRoom.net
Hosted By: Tim, Troy, and Sunjay
PodHost: thenerdroom.podbean.com
Twitter: @thenerdrm
Find it on: iTunesSpotify

GENRES: TV & Film, Comics, Collecting
PUBLISHES: Weekly on Thursdays
SYNOPSIS: A weekly podcast bringing you the latest Star Wars, Marvel, and DC news and reviews!

FYFCast Podcast

Website: www.fyfcstudios.com
Hosted By: Fear, MDI, & Razar
Twitter: @FYFCStudios
Instagram: @FYFCStudios
Find it on: iTunes, Stitcher

GENRES: Person Stories, Comedy
SYNOPSIS: Each week The FYFC crew get together to chat personal stories, pop culture, and everything in between . Nothing is off limits for these three maniacs, not for the easily offended.

Beer League Talk

Beer League Talk
Website: www.BeerLeagueTalk.com
Hosted By: @NickerJones, @GhostDesker, and @Apies11
Facebook: www.Facebook.com/BeerLeagueTalk/
Twitter: @BeerLeagueTalk
Instagram: @BeerLeagueTalk
Find it on: iTunes, Spotify, GooglePlay, Stitcher

GENRES: Comedy, Sports, Hockey
PUBLISHES: Weekly on Wednesdays
SYNOPSIS: Recording weekly out of a beer closet in WesternCanada, Beer League Talk is the podcast for hockey players of all walks of life. Nick, April and Dani are uniting the hockey community by covering the hard-hitting topics that matter to beer leaguers: beer, ringers, tournaments, beer, borrowing too much tape, that guy who never washes his gear … have we mentioned hockey players enjoy beer?

Mess Hall with Avery

The Mess Hall Podcast with Avery
Website: messhallpodcast.podbean.com
Hosted By: Avery Cochrane
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Mess-Hall-Podcas-575376659476720/
Twitter: @themesshallpod
Instagram: @messhallpod
Find it on: iTunes, GooglePlay, Stitcher, Radio Canada Online

GENRES: Arts, Food
PUBLISHES: Weekly on Wednesdays
SYNOPSIS: I have a fun chat about food with comedians and other interesting people. It is nothing too hard hitting. I keep it light and have some good laughs and occasionally learn something.